Dolphin Wave and Aloha Therapies

Dolphin Wave and Aloha Therapies 
About Dolphinwave

"Dolphinwave" has been created to give people opportunities to explore a more expanded sense of self through the heart opening programs offered. In our busy world it is great to sometimes slow down enough to really regain a feeling of balance and connectiveness to ourselves and others with a potential to feel more peace, passion and love in our life. The "Dolphinwave" programs explore this with workshops, journeys, retreats and personal sessions. In particular, connection to nature and the Earth is exphasised.

About Patricia
Dolphin Wave and Aloha Therapies

Patricia Athena is the founder of Dolphinwave and the Athena Isis Mystery School. Her professional background includes teaching in schools,with athletes and the public. She was Director of the Heart Foundation and was founder of Brightside Holistic Retreat Centre in Maleny, Queensland. Patricia has been a therapist, speaker and meditation teacher for the Golden door in the Hunter Valley. Her teaching background has given her the many skills to work with people and groups.

Patricia's life changed as a result of time spent with the Native Americans in Arizona and New Mexico where she experienced the healing energy of connecting to Mother Earth. Her life since has been dedicated to helping others find that Earth connection and inner peace.

Patricia Athena says: "Moving into 2014 and beyond it seems people are looking for a way to connect more fully with themselves and find more peace and fulfillment in their lives. I invite you to participate in some of my programs which are aimed at assisting you to find this."

About Jenn ShivAntar Sedman- co facilitator for programs Australia, Asia, Hawaii
18 years experience as a Wellbeing Practitioner & Facilitator.
Cert. Kundalini Yoga & Meditation Teacher, Cert. Hawaiian Temple-style Kahuna Bodywork, Cert. Lomi Lomi (Heartworks), Dip. Rem.Massage, Cert. Sacred Stone Massage, Cert. Kwan Yin Energy Healing, Cert. Flower of Life, Co-Facilitator of Dolphinwave /Aloha Retreats worldwide.
see her great website:
 photo in Hawaii by Jenn "Living in Bliss"
Hawaii Dolphin Odyssey retreats- see new utube:
 Dolphin Wave and Aloha Therapies
Upcoming Events
•   2014
Mystery School gathering in Bali including Day of Nephi (or silence) modules 1-3 of Flower of life 2014 and Beyond
27th March to 3rd April, 2014
 2014 May- July in Asia- Singapore and KL, Malaysia                 
Kwan Yin And Dolphin Healing
Dolphin Wave and Aloha Therapies
April in Singapore
15th and 16th at Basic Essence see website 
then at
Blue Lotus Centre Singapore- see
17 Apr Thursday - free talk plus private sessions
18 Apr Friday Module 1 Flower of Life 2014 and Beyond plus private sessions
19 Apr Sat - Module 2 Flower of Life 2014 and Beyond
20 Apr Sun - Module 3 Flower of Life 2014 and Beyond
21 Apr Mon - 5 x private sessions

 April in KL see Heartwork facebook page
Heartworks Centre in KL
 ‘Sacred Sounds of Sirius Concert” evening of Wednesday 23rd April with Jenn and Alian
Mini Workshop Saturday 26th April- 2-5pm
26th April Sacred Sound and connection to the Inner Voice- Saturday at 2 - 5pm
 Private sessions will include personal guidance on your journey and messages from Kwan Yin for deep healing for self and others
1st to 5th May I
 at the Golden Space KL
Flower of Life 2014 and Beyond 
 Modules 1 to 3 see
•   2014
Hawaii Dolphin Odyssey:
Big Island Hawaii - 8 Day Adventure With Dolphins In Hawaii includes 12/12 in December in Hawaii
modules 1-3 of Flower of life 2014 and Beyond
See Webpage-
 December 7th -14th
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Dolphin Wave and Aloha Therapies Dolphin Wave and Aloha Therapies Dolphin Wave and Aloha Therapies Dolphin Wave and Aloha Therapies
The Athena Isis Mystery School (AIMS) is based on awakening within us the ancient wisdom of the Goddess.

This gathering will give deeper insights into the importance of our connection to Mother Earth and what this means to us on our individual journeys now.
Athena offers a number of workshops across an number of areas
• Flower of Life 2013 and Beyond
• Kwan Yin Healing
• Pod Healing

Teaching Program

Athena offers a number of journeys and retreats across a number of countries including the following:
• Hawaii


• Nepal
• Egypt
• Hervey Bay

Experience Aloha Natural Therapies - Relax, Replenish and Rejuvenate

• Personal Therapy Sessions
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