Dolphin Wave and Aloha Therapies

Dolphin Wave and Aloha Therapies 

 Workshops - Healing from the Heart Kwan Yin and Dolphin Healing  Level 1

A 1 day workshop-


Create your own beautiful reality in your personal and business life. Learn a method of healing through the understanding of Kwan Yin and Dolphin healing through the glands and the endocrine system of the body.
Sound healing and Sacred Sound will be learnt in this workshop.

Book and Certificate will be provided. 


This  Workshop Includes:

* History of the modality,
* Explanation of movement of energy in the Earth and the body,
* The relationship of the pranic tube and the "Cave of Brahma” Understanding of the endocrine glands and their functions, Healing of the Earth, Self and Others. Sound to create deep healing
* Dolphin Healing incorporates sound and energy work and pod (group) healing practices.

  What you will expect to learn:

*how to bring energy into the body through the Endocrine system and energy centres and an understanding of these centres and what they do in the body.

*how to use sound to help in healing of the body and play different healing instruments.

*the strong connection to Kwan Yin and her work on healing of the planet and the people.

*understand the connection with dolphins and their ability to heal through sound and telepathic communication

These therapies are a combination of strong vibrational healing.
This is a theoretical and practical workshop and you will be able to practice this modality after you complete the workshop

Facilitated by: Patricia Athena
Patricia has been teaching and working in the natural healing area intensively for the past 18 years. This modality evolved through her as a call to have a simple but effective form of self healing. She first taught this modality in Singapore.
Patricia has been a teacher, a champion marathon runner, coach and Director of the Heart Foundation before living in America where she discovered the healing powers of the Native Americans.

She has conducted ground breaking research into human/ whale/ dolphin connections .

 Her research is ongoing into our human and cetacean connections.
She also does Lomi Lomi massage and therapy which gives a wonderful balance and flow to the body.

She has been a therapist, presenter and teacher at "The Golden Door" Welllness Retreat in the Hunter Valley NSW and was the founder of the Brightside Centre in Queensland. This was a healing retreat centre.
Patricia leads people for 8 day retreats on the Big Island of Hawaii and guides people for daily dolphin contact. The amazing Dolphin Oracle Cards which she created will be used in the workshop.

Patricia Athena travels to Singapore where she teaches and visits the temples there



Kwan Yin, Goddess of Mercy and Compassion

Dolphin Wave and Aloha Therapies

Kwan Yins from Singapore Temple  

Dolphin Wave and Aloha Therapies

Dolphin Wave and Aloha Therapies 

Dolphin Wave and Aloha Therapies

At Kwan Yin Temple for her birthday April 2013
Pod Healing in Sydney 

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